Payoneer, Commerce Tech Giant Launches Payoneer Checkout

Payoneer, Commerce Tech Giant Launches Payoneer Checkout
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Payoneer has recently launched its new payment solution Payoneer Checkout to serve with payment acceptance service for direct-to-customer (DTC) web stores. It will allow merchants to work in the rapidly expanding DTC market. The payment solution will bring a unified experience throughout digital platforms, securing money and funds within different markets and direct sales platforms in the multi-currency accounts of the organization. This will enable Payoneer users can deal via accounts payable, and utilize funds for digital marketing and other business goals.

Scott Galit, CEO, Payoneer, stated, “Payoneer was founded with the idea that technology and the internet were transforming commerce and making it possible for anyone, anywhere to build and grow a digital business. Today’s SMBs aspire to sell through multiple channels, which brings about the challenge of managing multiple payment setups. Expanding into payment acceptance is a very natural extension of our offering for SMBs, empowering them to participate in the digital economy by transacting globally as easily as they do locally. I’m pleased to announce that through Payoneer, SMBs can now get paid by other businesses, by digital platforms and marketplaces, and now, by consumers that are drawn to their brands.”

Payoneer with its worldwide presence is a trusted go-to partner for web commerce across the globe. With its cross-border payment solutions, the commerce tech organization strengthens the ambitions of companies and enterprises to stand and flourish in the new global market using its robust technology.

Michael Levine, Chief Financial Officer, Payoneer, commented, “there was still a lot of potential to invest and work on new products including initiatives and campaigns to accelerate the growth of our higher-value services such as B2B AP/AR, Payoneer Commercial Card, Merchant Services, and expand more aggressively into high growth geographic markets.”

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