Paysafe and Visa Collaborated for Visa Direct, Push Payment Service

Paysafe and Visa Collaborated for Visa Direct, Push Payment Service
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Paysafe has collaborated with Visa for the integration of its real-time push payments platform, Visa Direct. Paysafe is a pioneer in specialised payments, and this integration would be phenomenal for sectors where speed settlement is very much needed, like iGaming, cryptocurrency, or FX trading. Paysafe is going to serve enterprises and operators that run their companies online in Europe and the UK through Visa Direct.

Paulette Rowe, Integrated and Ecommerce Solutions, CEO, Paysafe, said, “In some of the sectors we operate in, such as cryptocurrency or iGaming, speed of settlement is absolutely central to business success due to the rate at which the industry is moving. It is in these specialised industries that, now more than ever, an effective approach to payments can provide a competitive advantage, and steps such as this are likely to help to propel the more emerging industries into the mainstream. We’re therefore delighted to offer Visa Direct as part of our portfolio to enable rapid customer payouts underpinned by a secure and trusted brand like Visa.” 

Visa Direct with its feature like fast push payments would enable enterprises to have strong control over their cash flow. Consumers of Paysafe using Visa Direct can choose to get their payments in real-time, allowing them easier and faster fund access to make expense decisions quicker and with more flexibility.

Integration to Visa Direct enables enterprises to get the service of push payment service through a single point of connection of Paysafe. It would allow push payments to avail Visa cards for domestic payments as well as for cross-border account payments

Nicky Alexander, Head of Visa Direct, Europe, Visa, included, “At Visa, we’re focused on reimagining how money moves around the world. Through this collaboration with Paysafe, we’re excited to bring a more streamlined customer journey and real-time transfer capabilities to more businesses in the UK and Europe.”

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