Paysend Offers Paysend Store for Merchants in the UK

Paysend Offers Paysend Store for Merchants in the UK
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Next-generation payment platform, Paysend has announced the availability of its no-code solution Paysend Store to its clients in the U.K. Entrepreneurs in the UK can set up an online store easily and start selling products without technological development and third-party IT integration for free.

Paysend Store was launched after the Paysend Business, an end-to-end payment solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) the resources they need to send and receive payments internationally. Paysend Store has been added to the company’s toolkit that assists entrepreneurs in starting their ventures, expanding their client base, and entering the eCommerce industry.

“Previously, the online route to market for many entrepreneurs and SMEs was fragmented, complex, and inefficient, with business owners having to manage multiple separate elements of their eCommerce offering from website, design, marketing, and payments processing as well as integration of those individual elements. Paysend Store removes that inefficiency and provides an easy-to-use one-stop-shop for UK SMEs to create, manage and grow their e-commerce business using a single platform,” stated Ashley Mallett, Head of Business at Paysend.

SMEs can fully customize their online shop and product information, develop their website, and communicate with their client base through individualized marketing by using Paysend Store. Performance analytics delivers useful insights and helps in business expansion and also enables the business to seamlessly manage the client orders. Users can also access additional features and leverage Paysend’s payment gateways to accept payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay through connection with Paysend Business.

“With the added benefit of access to Paysend’s new Business solution, users of Paysend Store can access payments online in over 38 currencies and from over 190 countries globally, as well as next-day settlement, multi-currency accounts, and payouts to cards. These additional features provide SMEs with the tools to grow, scale globally and be more cost-effective in their operations while allowing them to focus on the most important thing of serving their customer needs and growing their business,” added Ashley Mallett, Head of Business at Paysend.


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