PayUp Collaborates with ResMan  

PayUp Collaborates with ResMan  
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PayUp, a Rex company that offers early payment FinTech solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, recently announced a partnership with ResMan, one of the top property management systems that boost productivity and profitability for various property management firms nationwide. The FinTech company ensures easy and affordable access to finance. 

Denver Lobo, Co-founder and CEO of PayUp, said, “Partnering with an industry leader like ResMan is an exciting new chapter for our organisation. Through this partnership, PayUp will have access to thousands of suppliers who will have financial control over their future.” 

PayUp’s system enables vendors to receive payment ahead of schedule. In order to speed up payments, the FinTech company collaborates with businesses and their clients, offering an experience that smoothly integrates into existing invoicing procedures and offers quick verification and early, predictable payouts. 

ResMan is a property management platform designed for multifamily, low-cost, and commercial operators. It offers users and investors reliable operational and accounting features and solutions. 

The partnership will allow ResMan’s customers to easily and securely make rent and other payments using PayUp’s platform. This integration will provide ResMan’s clients with a streamlined and efficient payment process, while also increasing the security and accuracy of transactions. The partnership will also benefit tenants, as they will be able to make payments quickly and easily through the PayUp platform, which accepts a variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, e-checks, and ACH payments. In addition to rent payments, the integration will also allow for the processing of other payments such as security deposits, utility bills, and other charges. 

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