Prelim Enables Financial Institutions Offer Better Customer Experience

Prelim’s Platform Enables Financial Institutions Offer Better Customer Experience
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Prelim a digital payment pioneer, digitizes banking processes such as onboarding of customers and services provided to them for financial institutions while optimizing the employee journey by automating and simplifying back-office operations that include reviewing, processing, underwriting and servicing offerings to consumers. Prelim’s white-labelled platform is built on the no-code model by banking superiors and offers a great consumer experience as they find automated workflows and easy financial institution processes including issuing services and identity verification.

Heang Chan, CEO and Founder, Prelim, stated, “Prelim’s goal is to strengthen and simplify the online customer experience through automation and cutting-edge technology, collaborating with today’s leading tech providers to connect their services through our platform. By integrating with innovative fintech, we are able to provide our financial institution clients with a variety of enhanced capabilities for both businesses and individuals within a streamlined, user-friendly onboarding process, to further strengthen those relationships.”

Prelim brings innovative solutions to the FinTech world by addressing the growing demands for simplified connections to financial offerings for new members or those who must enrol. Prelim’s new app store helps connects its consumers to FinTech firms that are into improving consumer-driven banking for financial organizations.

The plug and play feature in the client app store allow banks’ goods and services to smoothly connect to the Prelim platform. The app store integrations cater for the requirements and demands of many FinTech organizations including identification providers, Know-Your-Business (KYB) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) to enhance automation while integrating into the existing systems.

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