RedAbierta Picks INETCO BullzAI for its Fraud Prevention Capabilities

RedAbierta Picks INETCO BullzAI for its Payment Fraud Prevention Capabilities
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RedAbierta a Honduras-based business-driven Technological Solutions Integrator company. It connects vendors, banking agents, and banking hosts through its POS, ATM network, and payment solutions. It has chosen INETCO BullzAI® for providing security to its payment channels.

BullzAI of INETCO predicts detects, and blocks suspicious payments, and fraud transactions, and offers advanced persistent threats in no time across the RedAbierta system. It can also identify and block anti-money laundering activities that look doubtful.

INETCO Systems Limited a British Columbia-based offers payment fraud detection, cybersecurity, analytics solution, and operation monitoring to empower its consumers to grow their (customers) business uninterruptedly. It helps banks, credit unions, and payment processors move dynamically as their consumers. It also offers an omnichannel experience to its consumers and enables them to expand their business rapidly.

Bijan Sanii, CEO, INETCO, commented, “INETCO is committed to helping RedAbierta deliver world-class payment security and operational excellence to its customers. We have a proven track record of increasing the security and stability of payment transactions and are excited about the opportunity to drive financial inclusion and the adoption of secure payments in Honduras.”

RedAbeirta is based in Central America and implements telecommunication and payment solutions at large. The company is oriented toward providing solutions, services, and products to the banking financial sector that en routes the financial inclusion of the unbanked.

Julio Arévalo, Co-Founder and CEO, RedAbierta, Central America, stated, “We are excited about the possibilities of INETCO BullzAI. In the last 2 years, RedAbierta has implemented more than 3,000 banking agents with several banking institutions in Central America, developing payment method applications and loyalty systems in the region. We have become a strategic ally for our clients. Being able to see what’s happening on our network in real-time while also blocking fraud and suspicious activity will help ensure our customers consistently experience excellent service.”

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