REPAY and D2R-Collect Collaborate to Accelerate Payments

REPAY and D2R-Collect Collaborate to Accelerate Payments
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Repay Holdings Corporation (REPAY), a prominent supplier of vertically integrated payments solutions, has declared a collaboration with D2R-Collect, a supplier of cloud-based technology and recovery software services, on a technological front. The agreement will help firms using the D2R-Collect platform strengthen and enhance their collection efforts and ensure better digital payment reception abilities.

Susan Perlmutter, Chief Revenue Officer, REPAY, stated, “D2R-Collect’s mission to provide an intelligent SaaS recovery solution is incredibly valuable in a number of industries like credit providers, alternative lenders, and higher education. In order to increase recovery rates and maximize collections, it’s critical to offer convenient payment options that are easily accessible for when a consumer is ready and able to pay. Our partnership with D2R-Collect was a natural fit, with an aligned goal of creating a seamless experience that makes our customers’ lives easier.”

D2R-Collect facilitates simple solutions that allow accounts receivable and collection teams to monitor, analyze, and evaluate outreach activities, resulting in faster recoveries through quick, proactive engagements and personalized client engagements. Companies will be able to take online payments, such as credit and debit cards, as well as ACH/EFT transactions, within the D2R-Collect software because of the interface between the REPAY and D2R-Collect platforms. REPAY updates D2R-Collect with the most recent payment details as funds are transferred, improving procedures and techniques by removing conventional data entry.

Sam Andary, Founder, D2R-Collect, cited, “We’re thrilled to be working with REPAY to expand our digital payment capabilities and empower consumers to make unassisted payments. REPAY’s expertise in the electronic payments space and seamless integration will enhance the efforts and success of our client base of collections agencies, credit unions, and SMBs across the United States and Canada.”


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