REPAY Offers Accounts Payable Automation to Shepherd Center

REPAY Offers Accounts Payable Automation to Shepherd Center
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Repay Holdings Corporation, or REPAY, a top supplier of vertically integrated payment solutions, revealed that Shepherd Center, a private, not-for-profit hospital with headquarters in Atlanta, will use its accounts payable (AP) automation and vendor payment solution.

Darin Horrocks, EVP, B2B, at REPAY, said, “Our mission is to help businesses across sectors embrace digital payments and make the payment experience more convenient for their employees and their suppliers. By automating the AP process, the team at Shepherd Center can put more resources toward patient care and will no longer need to rely on legacy systems and paper checks to power AP operations.”

Shepherd Center will have access to a powerful payments platform through the solution, which streamlines and automates vendor payments. Shepherd Center will be able to enhance operational effectiveness, save time, earn rebates through virtual card payments, and improve the overall experience for its internal AP teams and the numerous vendors and suppliers who work with Shepherd Center thanks to REPAY’s technology and comprehensive vendor enrollment program.

By directly integrating into clients’ existing accounting systems, REPAY’s AP platform streamlines outbound vendor payments. This allows businesses to digitize and optimize vendor payments to save money and resources by doing away with manual, paper-based AP processes.

John McDaniel, Director of Finance at Shepherd Center, said, “We are thrilled to be working with the team at REPAY to improve operational workflows and streamline payments to our vendors and suppliers. REPAY’s reputation of providing digital payments to other organizations in the healthcare industry made this an easy decision, and we’re looking forward to working together.”

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