SAP Fioneer Announced the Launch of a New Product Strategy

SAP Fioneer Announced the Launch of a New Product Strategy
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SAP Fioneer, a German financial services software solutions and platforms provider, has developed a new vertical product strategy that efficiently improves its offering to consumers. Through this vertical product strategy, three platforms render IT solutions catering to a specific market, and customers have to enable these platforms to navigate a highly complex financial landscape.

SAP’s world-class technology has powered the Banking, Insurance, and Finance & ESG Platforms to deliver complete solutions for the financial services industry that are ready to run and impeccably embedded with existing applications. ‘Editions,’ the packaged solutions will develop an essential part of the platform offering and comprise flexible and scalable significant solutions made explicitly for certain verticals and consumer requirements. Consumers can co-innovate simultaneously as they will be able to custom and design solutions in collaboration with SAP Fioneer.

SAP Fioneer CEO made this announcement at the SAP & SAP Fioneer Financial Services Forum in Amsterdam. The debut flagship event was held just over ten months after the launch of SAP Fioneer.

Dirk Kruse, CEO, SAP Fioneer, stated, “Many financial services organizations across banking and insurance are navigating significant challenges from regulatory change to rapid digitalization, and it has never been more important for them to keep pace. The launch of our platform strategy reinforces our capability to offer stability and resilience through rock-solid, world-class financial technology while being agile to developments with a host of scalable, configurable and open core solutions. By putting the customer experience first, our vertical approach enables them to stay ahead of the curve. Our unrivaled product portfolio, coupled with SAP Fioneer’s expertise, offers customers the breadth and depth they need to achieve their ambitions.”   

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