SEON Released New Updates to Combat Online Fraud

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The leading provider of fraud prevention solutions, SEON, has revealed new feature updates in its pioneering product, including a new upgrade for the dashboard, which is now available with customization options and widgets. SEON has updated the APIs to provide consumers with a thorough fraud prevention solution.

The upgraded dashboard enables the customers to interact with essential data and statistics in an accessible manner. Users can also add customizable widgets to their dashboard’s home screen, which will include location and filter options as an addition. In addition, the codes and algorithms used have also been upgraded, making the system perform better.

Jimmy Fong, Chief Commercial Officer at SEON, said, “We understand the importance of continually updating our solution in line with the real demands of our customers. That’s been achieved through this raft of new product updates, which put us in the best position ever to fight fraud globally. However, our pursuit of perfection is a never-ending process and customers should expect more upgrades soon”.

Thanks to the new widgets, customers can now discover which nations have the greatest approval and decline rates. As a result, clients will have an easier time identifying the most dangerous aspects of their operations. Customers will be able to use the widgets in the future to see the percentage of transactions that are accepted or rejected at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, the new widgets assist users in immediately identifying suspicious behavior during peak periods by highlighting the top rules that are activated during fraudulent transactions.

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