SignD along with Smart Engines Brings AI-driven Credit Card OCR

SignD along with Smart Engines Brings AI-driven Credit Card OCR
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SignD an Austria-based company offers fully compliant customer Onboarding/KYC services. It encompasses offerings such as identity verification, digital signatures, risk assessment, and payments. It orchestrates a framework for leading providers of forensic analysis, biometric identification, database services, and PSD2.

SignD has come up with a new software solution, Smart Engines software for credit card scanning. The software allows consumers of SignD for convenient and secured credit card verification without manual data entry. The entire process is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and it reads the data from credit cards in a hierarchical way- first name, second name, date, and last four digits of the credit card number to identify whether the card details belong to the user or not and is still valid. 

Bernhard Reiterer, CEO, SignD, stated, “We are proud to help our partners implement advanced technologies in order to improve the user experience, reducing the costs and risks of their companies around the world. The implementation of the solution developed by Smart Engines helps us provide a first-class service and make the customer journey through a universal end-to-end platform fantastic. Credit card OCR is almost instantaneous and safe in terms of processing personal and sensitive data.” 

Smart Engines a Russia-based company brings artificial intelligence research to the fore and it supports public and private organizations worldwide by impeccably improving businesses through next-level document scanning and analysis.

Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO, Smart Engines, Ph.D., commented, “We are pleased that our credit card scanning solution is becoming more and more popular all over the world and allows more and more companies to easily and accurately scan credit card data. For us, cooperation with SignD is an important milestone because SignD is a top provider of expert solutions for onboarding and risk management.” 

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