SimpliFi Unveils Multi-Currency Cards Across the Middle East

SimpliFi Unveils Multi-Currency Cards Across the Middle East
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SimpliFi, a Cards as a Service (CaaS) platform in MENAP, enables organizations to develop new income streams, control costs, and optimize company processes through the introduction of Multi-Currency cards across the middle east region.

The capacity to pay and receive payments globally in local currencies is growing essential as firms migrate to digital channels and boundaries lose significance. SimpliFi helps businesses develop distinctive and pertinent payment experiences to address their pain points by enabling the creation and issuance of Multi-Currency cards.

Founder and CEO of SimpliFi, Ali Sattar said, “Cross-border spending is increasing rapidly and will continue to do so; this is an opportunity to accelerate access to efficient, reliable cross-border payments. Multi-Currency cards offer consumers, freelancers, and businesses better payment experiences by providing more choice, convenience, operational efficiencies, and savings. At SimpliFi, we aim to be the driving force that supports businesses to supplement their revenue streams, while having more control over foreign exchange costs. This truly is the future of payments.”

SimpliFi Multi-Currency enables businesses to issue cards in several currencies to match their spending, while also providing detailed insights into how their cash flow movement is managed across currencies and eliminating currency losses and administrative costs.

SimpliFi Multi-Currency gives companies the chance to increase their revenue through foreign exchange while lowering administrative and operational complexity. Additionally, it enables businesses to increase their profits, gain from distinctive payment experiences, and plan spending in the appropriate currencies.

SimpliFi provides single cards with Multi-Currency choices, allowing the cardholder to transfer funds across compatible currency pockets, as well as numerous cards with a single currency.

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