Skaleet and Salv to Offer Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

Skaleet and Salv to Offer Anti-Money Laundering Solutions
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Skaleet is a global FinTech providing Core Banking Platform (CBP), enabling financial institutions to swiftly launch new banking products and new experiences at a reasonable price. It aims to deploy tomorrow’s financial services today with a CBP that resolves the challenges of speed and agility effectively in financial services.

Skaleet partners Salv, a RegTech (Regulatory Techonology) company based in Estonia to bring next-level anti-money laundering (AML) solutions including sanctions screening & risk scoring, and transaction monitoring.

Hervé Manceron, CEO and Co-Founder, Skaleet, stated, “Our Partnership with Salv will expand our capacity to fight money laundering and ensure we meet our obligations. The AML solutions will allow our customers to define the risk level at an early stage, screen transactions, and detect suspicious behaviors and transactions. Salv’s AML platform offers a three-in-one solution, which makes it more efficient and convenient for us, we don’t need to integrate with various additional solutions.”

Skaleet came up with a cloud-agnostic, SaaS-based technology platform that is a great match for the AML capabilities of Salv allowing it to offer its consumers access to next-level money protection solutions compliant with financial regulations.

Salv based in Estonia, Northern Europe, is an AML technology pioneer and it has built AML tools that are one adaptable and user-friendly platform that helps financial organizations reduce monetary risks and allows businesses to get free of the burden of adopting compliance, and resources, and focus only on anti-money laundering activities.

Taavi Tamkivi, CEO and Co-Founder, Salv, commented, “It’s great to see new innovative solutions emerging from the core banking industry, and we are really excited we can provide our AML and compliance expertise to make core banking platforms also more secure from financial criminals. For us, it is important to partner with experts who share our vision and ambition to help financial institutions across Europe to strengthen their defenses against money laundering and financial crime. Skaleet was the perfect partner for us.”

Meeting numerous regulatory compliances in diverse countries becomes a challenge for financial organizations, especially growing FinTech enterprises. Since the process is resource-intensive and expensive, they create unnecessary issues for these organizations. Along with compliance, FinTech also needs to offer robust anti-money laundering solutions to their consumers, and while chasing the right product, they come several vendors offering

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