SmartMetric’s New Credit Card Will Include Biometric Copy and Matching

SmartMetric New Credit Card Will Include Biometric Copy and Matching
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SmartMetric has recently announced its incorporation of biometrically secured fingerprint copy and verification via its card, using improved software with miniature sub-microelectronics. This integration means that SmartMetric card users won’t require an individual fingerprint scanner, which is usually required by underdeveloped biometric cards.

This biometric card will utilize a new innovative processor, different from the payment chip card processor, that has been used for saving the fingerprint of the card user inside it. As the new card is not designed to save images and templates on the same chip that would be utilized for processing payments, this will offer an enhanced and secured fingerprint enrollment and withdrawal short of disturbing the safety of the payment card chip.

Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetric’s President, and CEO, said, “Being a USA company we have been careful to design a biometric card solution that meets the needs of USA credit card issuers. Having a biometric card built for the needs of credit card issuers is one of the overriding guidelines that has driven our advanced and unique biometric card.

The SmartMteric biometric card has been designed keeping in mind the US market and the process applied to providing customers with credit cards by leading US-based banks. This was designed as such to tackle the situation in US markets where the card-issuing process was mainly done via mail and online systems and aid the customers with a better experience.

Certain card issuers have very few branches, and it seems to be an impossible task for them to adopt such a biometric card system that asks the customer to visit the branch and get their fingerprint enrolled. However, with SmartMteric, the system has been designed to store the information separately and enables the card to save and match the customer’s fingerprint in a different processor, giving enhanced security.

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