SWIVEL Partners with Fiserv Corillian Home Banking Application 

SWIVEL Partners with Fiserv Corillian Home Banking Application 
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SWIVEL, a leading provider of digital banking solutions, has announced its integration with Fiserv Corillian Home Banking Application. This partnership will enable credit unions and other financial institutions to deploy the latest and most user-friendly payment options easily, quickly, and more securely for their customers. 

The integration of SWIVEL’s technology will enable financial institutions to offer their customers a more secure and convenient online banking experience. With SWIVEL’s biometric authentication capabilities, customers will be able to log in to their online banking accounts using their fingerprints or facial recognition, eliminating the need for a traditional username and password combinations. 

In addition to providing enhanced security, the integration will also allow customers to take advantage of SWIVEL’s other digital banking features, such as account aggregation and real-time account alerts. These features will enable customers to easily view and manage all of their financial accounts in one place and stay informed of any activity or changes to their accounts. 

“This latest integration is an example of SWIVEL’s commitment to listening to the needs of its credit union customers. Our powerful mixture of innovation and customer service is routinely praised by IT and executive leadership throughout our customer base. The Fiserv Corillian integration brings added convenience for the financial institution as well as its online users – serving as yet another way that SWIVEL stands as a proven business enabler”, said Jason O’Brien, CEO at SWIVEL

This partnership is a significant step towards improving the digital banking experience for customers of these institutions and will help them stay competitive in the fast-paced world of digital banking. The partnership between SWIVEL and Fiserv is a win-win for both the companies and the customers. The integration will enable financial institutions to offer a range of advanced digital banking features, such as biometric authentication and account aggregation, to their customers.  

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