Tetrix Network Unveils its Crypto Wallet Pitaka

Tetrix Network Unveils its Crypto Wallet Pitaka
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Tetrix Network onboards a new and improved crypto wallet– Pitaka, which will enable crypto investors and traders to store, manage, and exchange different cryptocurrencies and digital assets in one browser extension. It is an interconnected ecosystem that aims to bridge the difference among all blockchain projects.

Felix Asuncion, Chief Revenue Officer, Tetrix, stated, “Pitaka is a fully decentralized crypto wallet that runs on Tetrix, the first omnichain protocol that directly communicates across all blockchains. Our main motivation in building Pitaka is to create a product that each and every Filipino will be proud of. As we say, “Made by Filipinos, for the world.”

Pitaka facilitates the transactions to any blockchain address as it offers space for holding several cryptocurrencies altogether. It also allows users experience the emerging world of and supports Chromium-based browser, Brave, and  DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and supports Google Chrome.

Pitaka enables users to choose respective accounts for storing funds, sending payments, and interacting with dapps (decentralized applications), banking, Web3 or the decentralized internet where users have control over their data sharing and data management.

The crypto wallet supports over 18,000 cryptocurrencies created on top of 25 blockchains, and provides space for the storage of digital collectibles, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Top blockchains include well-known altcoins, such as Polygon, Binance Coin, and Ether, and established meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

With the help of private key, this crypto wallet provides users a complete control of funds. This private key is a 12-word mnemonic (seed) phrase and if this key once lost can’t be retrieved. The malevolent actions against users are strictly checked as the blockchain capabilities authenticate the actions.

Furthermore, Tetrix has confirmed the development of the Pitaka’s mobile application which will enable users to store cryptocurrencies such as XRP and Bitcoin.

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