Trade Surveillance and Monitoring: A Brief Introduction 

Trade Surveillance and Monitoring A Brief Introduction 
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What happens in the market, the trade activities, transactions, and other transfers taking place, there has been no keeping an eye on any of it. In certain situations, it has led to disastrous activities such as fraud and money laundering.

There are many transactions that are trade-related and maintaining a proper surveillance and monitoring activity is mandatory for this purpose. For instance, if you are not at your home, but you would still like to know what is going on around your house, for that purpose you will be monitoring the activities by a CCTV camera.

Trading is such an aspect that is risky and at every point keeps on changing, so it is very essential and highly recommended for institutions to monitor the same. Maintaining proper surveillance over transactions happening around is essential for any organization and requires a stable and robust system to properly monitor and manage activities.

However, for monitoring activities of the market, a similar process cannot be implemented, this needs a different process that would do the required. For this purpose, a more robust and advanced model is required. The sole purpose of this is to maintain security for the financial institution and ensure that none of the suspicious activities are being ignored, resulting in a fraud activity or a financial crime.

Trade Surveillance and Monitoring is one such platform to do the surveillance. This helps to keep a track of trade activities going on in the market to monitor and prevent any kind of financial abuse and any other unethical activity such as fraud, market manipulation, insider trading, unsuitable investments, and money laundering and speculation.

As per the recent trends, it can be stated that the use of trade and surveillance monitoring has been increasing throughout the financial industry. It implies that all the transactions that are going on while trading need to be monitored to detect any suspicious activity or transaction.

Trade Surveillance is observing market activity and trading patterns of clients to trace any suspicious activity or manipulative trading patterns. Trade surveillance has been an important aspect of the fintech industry since its inception, as it has always required keeping track of all the industry’s activities and transactions.

With so much evolution and upgradation happening around us, it becomes a bit tricky to manage threat control, but this is what trade surveillance and monitoring offer you; all-around surveillance and monitoring of all the transactions going around and the ability to detect the threat even before it could occur.


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