Tradesmarter’s WOW TRADER Collaborates with TradingView for Advanced Charting

Tradesmarter’s WOW TRADER Collaborates with TradingView for Advanced Charting
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Tradesmarter, the provider of the white label trading platform solution WOW TRADER, announced the release of its most recent integration with TradingView. By incorporating this high-performance and mobile-friendly charting tool into the WOW TRADER white label trading platform, Tradesmarter maintains its company mantra “Simplified, yet advanced.”

TradingView is a well-known investment tool that is used by millions of investors and traders worldwide. With the addition of this excellent charting tool, WOW Trader continues its 11-year tradition of platform evolution and dedication to offering the smoothest trading experience for brokerages and financial services providers around the world.

The most user-friendly mobile and web platform tools are sought after by the new generation of traders and investors today. An intuitive, point, click, or swipe user interface matches the speed and convenience of today’s top trading applications. Although there are now a wide variety of brokerages and asset classes to choose from, WOW Trader has filled a critical gap for a broker-agnostic trading solution, giving any startup or legacy platform provider the modern tools, they need to compete in a mobile-first world.

WOW Trader includes an all-in-one robust back-end solution for managing a firm’s CRM, risk management, and affiliate marketing solutions, removing the need for a patchwork solution of various fragmented business centric software tools that every financial services company requires.

Even though the most crucial features and tools needed for any new company looking to enter the market are included in our current offering, there are still a lot of exciting new features on our current roadmap that will be introduced soon.

Smarter Holdings International is a cloud-based fintech services provider and white label solution that provides advisors, developers, and professional financial services providers with a platform. Tradesmarter provides a suite of fully hosted “out of the box” tools that are used by a growing number of providers looking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.

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