Treasure Global Signs MoU to Partner with Boost  

Treasure Global Signs MoU to Partner with Boost  
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Treasure Global Inc, a leading provider of innovative financial technology solutions, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Boost, a leading provider of payment solutions. The Memorandum of Understanding outlines a strategic partnership between the two companies, with the goal of improving the way people make and receive payments

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, Treasure Global Inc and Boost will work together to create a seamless payment experience for their customers. This partnership will allow Treasure Global Inc to offer its customers access to Boost’s cutting-edge payment technology, which includes mobile and online payments, as well as its wide network of merchants. 

The collaboration will also enable Boost to provide its customers with access to Treasure Global Inc’s financial technology solutions, including its flagship digital wallet and digital lending platform. This will allow Boost’s customers to make use of the latest financial technology, such as instant payments and digital lending, in order to manage their money more efficiently. 

As a continuation of TGI’s commercial engagement with Boost, the new alliance will look to make use of the digital financing options provided by Boost Credit, an AI-based lending company that provides a variety of loan services, including supply chain finance, working capital financing, and invoice financing, to financially empower Malaysian SMEs. 

According to the agreement, Boost Credit’s digital financing solutions will be integrated into TGI’s TAZTE programme, providing TGI with an expanding network of potential customers for its TAZTE and ZCITY platforms among retailers and food and beverage suppliers. The collaboration will also broaden TGI’s brand awareness among Malaysian companies and food and beverage providers. 

The partnership will also lead to the development of new and innovative financial technology solutions that will be made available to customers of both companies. This collaboration will serve as a model for other companies in the financial technology industry, who can also look to work together in order to provide better services to their customers. 

In conclusion, the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Treasure Global Inc and Boost is a major step forward in the development of innovative financial technology solutions. The partnership will not only benefit the customers of both companies but also serve as an example for other companies in the industry to follow.  

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