TrueLayer to Offer Instant Payment Service to Tymit Consumers

TrueLayer to Offer Instant Payment Service to Tymit Consumers
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TrueLayer, based in London, is recognized as a leading open banking platform that makes it easy for anyone to create better financial experiences. It has empowered businesses of every size, from large enterprises to startups, and more for their payment and consumer onboarding across the UK, Europe, and Australia.

TrueLayer unveiled that Tymit, the credit firm, is providing an improved customer experience when it comes to instant bank payments for its Credit and Booster customers.

Tymit was established to offer a flexible approach to financing purchases and monthly budget management, developing a strong alternative to credit cards or loans. The Tymit Card enables consumers to see the final cost of any transaction or helps them plan their spending and avert unwanted interest by controlling their monthly repayments with installments. On the other hand, Tymit Booster allows customers to create a better credit score with the help of timely repayment on purchases.

Martin Magnone, the CEO of Tymit, stated, “Customer experience always comes first at Tymit, and that’s why we’re so excited about our partnership with TrueLayer. Together, we’re taking the pain out of payments for our customers, creating the kind of experience that sets our offerings apart.”

TrueLayer-powered payments render a greater conversion with lesser failed transactions, building an easier approach and offering additional peace of mind to Tymit consumers as their repayments have been made on time.

Nick Tucker, Head of Financial Services, TrueLayer, commented, “Millions of people in the UK have faced a user experience that makes it difficult to anticipate the total cost of purchases. Millions more have been left behind due to thin credit files. Working with a firm like Tymit that is delivering a more transparent, fee-free, and customer-friendly approach to credit is exciting. It has recognized that offering instant payments creates an opportunity to develop a deeper and more positive relationship with its customers.”

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