Trust Payments Collaborates with Feedzai to Offer RiskTech Capabilities

Trust Payments Collaborates with Feedzai to Offer RiskTech Capabilities
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Trust Payments a UK-based fintech pioneer delivers seamless experiences to customers of their clients across every platform they are at, however, they wish to pay, on any sort of device. It offers Converged Commerce (a powerful tool that provides a streamlined view of your customers, as their entire interactions with your brand, are processed on one single platform.) to bring payment and commerce systems altogether to render omnichannel commerce services.

This collaboration will enable consumers of Trust Payment to access the machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cloud risk management platform of Feedzai. RiskOps, the risk management platform of Feedzai allows financial institutions to render better results for their consumers and offer collaboration throughout the consumer lifecycle enhancing productivity.

Daniel Holden, Group CEO, Trust Payments, stated, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Feedzai to ensure our vision for Converged Commerce™ can be backed by their robust risk management offering, covering device authentication, malware defense, behavioral biometrics, and a full suite of integrated fraud and anti-money laundering solutions. This partnership will reinforce our commitment to a gold-standard risk framework to help deliver trusted commerce solutions to our customers around the world.”

Risktech is the latest technology added in the financial world to help consumers avert prosecution from the government and litigation from anyone. In fact, this term has been inspired by RegTech, also regulatory technology in a broader sense.

Feedzai provides end-to-end protection to its consumers from fraud and financial crimes. The platform is powered by AI and ML technologies that create digital trust, and faster account opening, and offers AML (Anti Money Laundering) transaction monitoring, watchlist screening, & KYC services.

Nuno Sebastião, CEO, Feedzai, included, “We are delighted that Trust Payments has selected Feedzai as a trusted partner and is implementing our unique RiskOps solution to ensure that their teams have a single platform to handle everything fraud and financial crime-related and to ensure financial security for themselves and their customers.”

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