Trust Smart Solutions Partners Payscript for Crypto Payment Acceptance

Trust Smart Solutions Partners Payscript for Crypto Payment Acceptance
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Trust Smart Solutions a Jordan-based company provides innovative and secure digital payment solutions. It aims at building centralized ecosystem that supports merchant services, omnichannel payments, process automation, and simplified operations to optimized business performance and recreate the payment journey.

Trust Smart Solutions partnered with Payscript to allow users access Crypto Payment Acceptance facility in Point of Sales (PoS) Terminals.  The platform of Payscript enables users to make crypto payment by different channels that includes sending and receiving of payments, payment acceptance of online websites and E-commerce stores, surplus, physical PoS transactions in Retails Stores and Cafes.

Tamim Halawani, Deputy General Manager. Trust Smart Solutions, said, “Crypto is at the forefront of payment innovation globally, addressing high-impact use cases across the merchant-consumer ecosystem. We firmly believe that our partnership with Payscript will democratize access to the crypto universe and drive seamless adoption across various payment channels”.

Payscript a Melbourne-based cryptocurrency payment platform made with both merchants and consumers an in mind. It offers buying, selling, swapping, and spending crypto through an easily accessible and secure wallet. The platform enables users to access the future of payments and finance, giving you with a competitive advantage over those not integrated.

Nadeem Shaikh, CEO, Payscript, stated, “Cryptography is going to be the future of money, whether it’s Bitcoin or Stable Coin or Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) still needs to be seen but it’s inevitable. Crypto provides a better, transparent, secure framework for managing money. Our partnership with Trust Smart Solutions will enable merchants across Middle East and North Africa to accept crypto payments on the point-of-sale terminals directly in addition to cards! Isn’t that amazing? I am super excited about the partnership and the opportunities lying ahead”.

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