Uplinq and Ranqx Collaborated for SMBs Digital Lending

Uplinq and Ranqx Collaborated for SMBs Digital Lending
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Uplinq, a universal credit assessment platform for SMB (small and medium business) investors, has made an alliance with Ranqx, a New Zealand based digital SMB loan origination, decisioning, and monitoring platform for banks and investors, to brace up its global spread.

Dave Lewis, CEO, Ranqx, stated, “We are really excited to have partnered with Uplinq. With their innovative technology, Ranqx will be able to make more accurate decisions for lenders whilst incorporating so much more detail into the credit assessment provided. It’s a difficult environment for SMBs, especially when it comes to lending and Ranqx, like Uplinq, is committed to helping underserved, unbanked, minority and immigrant SMB owners, by allowing access to funding to help grow their businesses. Our new partnership will help the growth of SMBs across the globe.”

Ranqx, will be able to further expedite lending to SMBs with improved efficiency and dependability, helping to improve earnings growth and acquire new prospects, thanks to Uplinq’s unique and advanced technology.

Uplinq’s cutting-edge technology has already supported over $1.4 trillion in underwritten loans around the world, and this will now be utilized to support Ranqx’s goal to reduce hurdles and errors in SMB lending by providing precise real-time data. Ranqx and Uplinq share a shared goal: to give SMBs simple and successful access to fair lending capital via creditors who reflect this goal.

Ron Benegbi, Founder and CEO, Uplinq, commented, “Uplinq’s partnership with Ranqx confirms our common focus, and principles, in helping to open up access to funding for SMBs by ensuring lenders have the most accurate and up to date data available to them to help with decision making. We are really proud of our partnership with Ranqx and we look forward to working together to further the lending opportunities for SMBs internationally.”


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