VoPay and HES Fintech forms an Alliance for Payment Technology

VoPay and HES Fintech forms an Alliance for Payment Technology
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VoPay, a payment innovation pioneer, collaborated with HES FinTech, a European lending software merchandiser to endure HES growing loan management portfolio. The alliance is going to allow Canadian brokers to use next-gen loan technology and quick bank account payments using a single solution with multiple features, aiding brokers level up while leaving behind their competitors in a crushing lending market competition.

This alliance is going to make VoPay’s status stronger across North America as the top preference for real-time payment technology for vendors.

Ivan Kovalenko, Co-Founder and CEO, HES FinTech, added, “We are happy to start our strategic partnership with VoPay, a well-known Canadian-based provider of digital payment solutions. It allows us to offer customers fast and seamless integration to make their transactions secure and available anytime. We are excited to exchange our deep domain expertise and market insights to create a Lending Platform that is potent to take the business of our customers to a new level.”

HES is recognized for rendering easy-to-install digital lending services. The partnership will considerably allow HES Fintech to expand in the Canadian market, where a quick payment system is picking consumers’ attention.

Hamed Arbabi, CEO and Founder, VoPay, stated, “The Canadian lending landscape is going through a major transformation, from how loan applications are submitted digitally to how fast payments are distributed, lenders are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve.  HES FinTech was a natural fit for a partnership, with their extensive expertise in the loan software industry, we can offer a combined solution that can transform the lending experience. We look forward to building the partnership with HES FinTech and seeing the benefits for our customers.”

Payment technology of VoPay added to loan management services of HES will ensure vendors can pay in real-time and that comprise quick loan amount disbursement making the entire loan process easy.


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