VoPay Partners with Plexflow for Streamlining Payment Capabilities

VoPay Partners with Plexflow for Streamlining Payment Capabilities
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VoPay, a Canada-based integrated payment technology solutions provider, recently announced a partnership with Plexflow, a Canadian provider of property management software. This collaboration will make renting easier for landlords and tenants nationwide in a market that is currently worth $48.4 billion and increasing at a rate of 3.8 percent. 

In the rental market, running after tenants to collect rent and handling paper checks are still extremely typical. For property managers, having no visibility into cash flow, late checks, and laborious reconciliations are huge hassles and expensive. When several properties are managed by one-person, ineffective operations management can quickly fade into a situation where crucial tasks are overlooked, creating dissatisfied renters. 

Ryan Nasr, CEO, Plexflow “We look forward to expanding our partnership with VoPay, to bring technology into the hands of millions of landlords, tenants & property managers to be in control of their rental experience and focus on what they love doing.” 

VoPay and Plexflow’s integrated technology will let property managers focus on the service they offer rather than being weighed down by manual processes in a rental industry that is ready for innovation. Property managers may instantly collect rent, verify available money, and streamline the tenant onboarding process with the help of VoPay’s payment system. 

Cash flow management and reconciliation become a much easier procedure by controlling all payment-related operations from one site as opposed to numerous. Landlords’ return on investment increases the less time is spent chasing down payments and reconciling deposits, and the more time property managers must spend keeping tenants satisfied. 

Hamed Arbabi, CEO, VoPay, stated, “We are delighted to expand our partnership with Plexflow. Together we can digitally transform the way property managers operate and manage their payment cycles. “Implementing processes that are simple and time-effective, is fundamental to scaling as we move into a world driven by innovation and high speed. We look forward to seeing Plexflow’s expansion across Canada and are pleased to be a part of it.” 

In today’s cutthroat rental market, when tenants have many options, landlords must provide that top-notch service. By giving property managers simple and complete tools, Plexflow and VoPay have made it simpler to accomplish this. 

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