Worldline Joins Metaverse to Bring Virtual and Real Ecommerce Adjacent

Worldline Joins Metaverse to Bring Virtual and Real Ecommerce Adjacent
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Worldline a global secure payments and transactions leader heads digital revolution that is paving new ways of paying, living, business making and building relationships that accompany trust through the entire payments value chain, promoting sustainable economic growth. Our solutions based on the rock-solid technology, are eco-friendly, and support social transformation.

Worldline has unveiled its recent achievement of joining the Metaverse by launching its dedicated virtual showroom. It will be one among first payment organizations to achieve this and wants to bring real and virtual e-commerce world closer and serve them with incredible features of Metaverse which it has stored for them.

Metaverse is largely a merger of augmented, virtual, and physical reality, and blurs the line between your interactions online and in real world. Metaverse development is every so often associated with advancing virtual reality technology due to growing demands for immersion.

Worldline has built its virtual showroom in Decentraland in the Crypto Valley area, and it’s a key strategy element of the company to build its space in the Metaverse. With the development of Web 3.0, the Metaverse, the next level social and commerce channel will get exceptional popularity. Crypto Valley is a central location for Metaverse kind of thing and empower the company to build a strong Metaverse merchant network. With this happening, Worldline will serve trusted value and consumer exposure to all vendors.

The Worldline Metaverse showroom has a number of pioneering features such as-

  • In Worldline metaverse, vendors will find a new product at the merchant of the month area, located at the core of the virtual land of Worldline. That product can be accessed directly using the Worldline payment engine.
  • coffee space enabled by PAYONE with which Worldline has created this to build more social and informal get togethers between representative and merchants of Worldline.
  • It will also have a virtual stage to host presentations for virtual products and share knowledge with Decentraland users.
  • Metaverse will also supporting charity projects that will start with supporting Ukraine, through a recognized charity firm.

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